70,000 Irish Fans Will Travel To The Euros In France – But There Aren't Nearly Enough Tickets For Them

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It's estimated that a whopping 70,000 Irish fans will head to France for the Euros this summer – despite the fact that fewer than 40,000 tickets were made available to the FAI.

This is based on an estimate in today's Irish Times – and while it's difficult to exactly gauge the travelling numbers, it's clear from the estimate that many fans will be left disappointed once they hit the continent.

The real squeeze will be in Bordeaux, where just 9,000 tickets are available for our second match against Belgium, while 18,000 tickets are available for our opener against Sweden in Paris, and 11,320 for the Italy game in Lille.

The surplus of fans will be hoping they can pick up some of the fresh ticket allocations, which came available after UEFA intercepted unauthorised resales, and some of the tickets set aside for neutral fans in each city.

And if they don't... well, you feel they'll still have a bit of a blast over there nonetheless.

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Aidan Coughlan