McGregor's Irish Fans In Las Vegas Are Going Apeshit After Last Night's Incredible Win

The atmosphere is feckin' mental over there

Irish Fans

After about a year of big talk from Conor McGregor about how he was going to annihilate José Aldo in the Octagon, the UFC fighter has more than lived up to his word.

The anticipation was high in Las Vegas before the fight even took place, it seemed the fans already knew The Notorious had it in bag.

Which of course he did, flooring Aldo in an astonishing 13 seconds.

While some were surely a bit peeved at having spent a small fortune to go see a a fight that lasted less than a quarter of a minute, most were simply ecstatic with the ease of which Ireland's (let's face it) greatest athlete bested the title holder.

Just take a look at some of the scenes in Sin City in the wake of the Dub's momentous victory. 

We're not jealous at all.

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