People Loved Last Night's RTÉ Documentary About The Dublin Ladies Team

What a team...

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Last night, RTÉ aired a documentary called 'Blues Sisters' which followed the fortunes of the Dublin Ladies Football team on their way to All-Ireland glory this year. 

The programme highlighted the hard work and dedication taken on by all involved as the girls in blue won only their second All-Ireland title followed their 2010 triumph. 

A number of members of the squad were interviewed for the fly-on-the-wall documentary as well as manager Mick Bohan and it was an captivating look at what goes on behind the scenes during a GAA summer.

Those who tuned in were full of praise for all involved and if you missed it you can catch t now on RTÉ Player. 

Here's what audiences had to say...

Some viewers felt the Cork team which won six-in-a-row between 2011 and 2016 were more deserving of a documentary...

The show ended with the triumphant Dubs belting out some Florence And The Machine...

If you missed 'Blues Sisters', get a taste of what went on with the trailer below.

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