Watch Bill O'Herlihy Fire Up The Entire Nation As We Prepared For Our First-Ever World Cup Match

"We'll give it a lash"

It’s hard to believe it’s almost a year since we paid our final farewell to broadcasting legend Bill O’Herlihy.

The man who anchored some of the most fondly remembered moments in Irish sporting history is sorely missed – and this Monday, RTÉ’s Cloch le Carn will pay tribute to his life’s work.

From his early days as a reporter in Cork, to his investigative work in the Current Affairs unit, and on to his life as a prolific public relations consultant, this programme will paint a deservedly comprehensive picture of his life.

But most of all, he’ll be remembered as a cracking sports broadcaster – and the above video, which shows him getting the nation riled up for our first-ever World Cup match, reminds us exactly why that is.

Oh, and this clip from our match against England in Euro '88 is a beaut as well...

Cloch le Carn airs on Monday night, RTÉ One, 7.30pm