WATCH: This Epic Promo Shows Just How Much Following The Dubs Means To The Fans

Tear-inducing stuff...

If you could bottle this kind of passion and sell it you'd make a hell of a lot of money. 

Dublin take to the field in the 2017 Leinster Football Final against Kildare today in search of their seventh provincial crown in a row. You'd think that this amount of success would dilute the passion of supporters but it appears not so.

A promo video posted to YouTube on Friday by We Are Dublin GAA perfectly encapsulates what it means to follow The Dubs through thick and thin. Featuring interviews with some of the most passionate members of the Blue Army and recalling some of the most memorable Dublin GAA moments, it's real lump in your throat kind of stuff.

Take a look. 

If that doesn't get you fired up for today's match, we don't know what will.

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