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20th Jun 2024

Cognac curious? Here’s what to expect on a tour of Maison Hennessy

Sarah McKenna

Brought to you by Hennessy. 18+ only. Please drink responsibly.

Pop by La Maison Hennessy and taste the Cognac directly from the source.

Richard Hennessy, the founder of La Maison Hennessy, was born in Cork 300 years ago, so to celebrate his legacy, we took a trip to Cognac, the town in south west France where it all began.

@Jas Hennessy & Co, Alain Benoit

During our visit, we rambled through the charming town, awakening its rich history. Then, inside the walls of the striking Maison Hennessy, we got valuable insights into the craftsmanship involved in producing the world-famous Hennessy Cognac.

If you’re wondering what you can expect from your own visit to Cognac, we’ve put together some of the highlights from our trip below.

Incredible insights into Maison Hennessy

Visitors to Maison Hennessy can choose between five exclusive tours – ranging from simple visits and sampling to immersive vineyard walks to see where Hennessy literally stems from, to getting to explore the ancient Paradis ageing cellars of the Maison, where Eaux De Vie reserves date back hundreds of years.

Tours also include an insight into cooperage and barrel maintenance, as well as a deep dive into the blending process, which has been presided over by the same family for seven generations.

There’s truly something for all here, from the most passionate enthusiast to a first timer.

Chai des Pavillons, Les Visites Hennessy HD2 ©Jas Hennessy & Co, Benoit Lapray Extreme

The opportunity to taste Hennessy in its birthplace

Guests will also have the opportunity to sample some Hennessy in a variety of ways, depending on the tour they choose. With the Hennessy Immersive Initiation, for instance, you’ll taste a Hennessy V.S. and V.S.O.P. neat, on the rocks and in a cocktail. However, if you opt for the Hennessy X.O. tour, you’ll get a themed tasting that revolves around this iconic blend.

You can see what’s included with each tour right here.

©Jas Hennessy & Co, Jean-Philippe Lebee

A relaxed town packed with charm

In addition to Maison Hennessy, the town of Cognac is well worth exploring. Ramble through the streets of Cognac, marvel at the medieval architecture or just relax on the banks of the Charente River. Indeed, between tours at Maison Hennessy, there’s plenty to do.

Les Visites Hennessy ©Jas Hennessy & Co, Benoit Lapray, Extreme 2