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02nd Jan 2023

Veganuary: How to succeed with your 31-day plant-based challenge

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This one simple tip will help you reduce your dairy this Veganuary

Taking on Veganuary this month? Every year, the 31-day challenge encourages people to eat only plant-based foods for the entire month of January, reducing their dairy intake in a bid to improve their health and the health of the planet.

Often, the challenge is an opportunity to test the waters, to find out if we could sustain a plant-based lifestyle more long-term.

From a reduced carbon footprint to some handy health benefits including better skin and mood, there are so many reasons why eating more plant-based foods can be a good idea. But many of us shy away from the plant-based lifestyle, turned off by the idea of cutting back on our favourite everyday foods long-term.

With the right ingredients in your fridge though, going plant-based might not be as difficult as you’d think. That’s why Dairygold has launched a new Plant Based range, with a selection of deliciously creamy ingredients for anyone looking to reduce their dairy intake.

The range includes a Plant Based Spread, Plant Based Grated, Plant Based Slices and Plant Based M*lk, ideal for enjoying on their own or whipping up your favourite meals.

The biggest benefit of trying out some plant-based alternatives is you can adapt all your everyday meals easily, by swapping out any dairy products with other great-tasting ingredients. The Dairygold Plant Based range can be used instead of any dairy ingredients in your go-to recipes, making the 31-day vegan challenge super simple.

Whether it’s swapping in some melted Plant Based Grated over your favourite pasta dish, prepping your go-to lunch with Plant Based Sliced or enjoying a warm milky coffee using Plant Based M*lk, the range makes it so simple to give your everyday meals a vegan twist.

Whether you’re a long-time vegan, a flexitarian or you’re simply looking to cut back on your dairy consumption, Dairygold Plant Based is a fuss-free and delicious way to succeed at Veganuary this year.

Find the range in stores nationwide. #doesitlikedairy