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19th Dec 2022

WIN two free tickets to this nearly sold-out NYE event in town

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Share the best explanations you’ve given for going alcohol-free or drinking a bit less to WIN matinée tickets for New Year’s Festival Dublin!

From time to time, we all choose not to drink alcohol on a night out but with this decision comes questions like, “Why aren’t you drinking?”.

We’ve all been there, scrambling for an answer or explanation as to why we’re not drinking alcohol on a night out. In fact, new research from Heineken® 0.0 revealed that over 40% of people feel the need to give a false reason as to why they’re not drinking at social events.

Equally, over half of Irish people surveyed admitted to skipping nights out altogether to avoid questions around why they’re choosing not to drink.

And these kinds of scenarios are even more common over the festive period, as our evenings and weekends are filled with Christmas catch-ups, work parties and festive nights out with friends and family.

Unsurprisingly, Heineken® 0.0’s research showed that over half of Irish people feel an increased pressure to drink alcohol over the festive season, no doubt leading to more questions for anyone looking to reach for a 0.0 option.

For those situations when you simply don’t feel like drinking alcohol, a refreshing cold Heineken ® 0.0 is an ideal option, and you shouldn’t need to explain why you’re opting for one. Zero explanation needed. 

With that in mind, Heineken® 0.0 want to hear the explanations you’ve given in the past as to why you’re opting for a 0.0. Whether you claimed to be hosting your in-laws the next day or that you were playing sports, we want to hear the reasons you’ve given for not drinking on a night out.

If you submit your 0.0 explanation, you’ll be entered to WIN matinée tickets for New Year’s Festival Dublin, the ultimate night out to kickstart 2023.

A host of stellar Irish musicians and DJs will perform live across multiple stages along North Wall Quay.

To enter and WIN, simply click below with your explanation for opting for a 0.0:

You can also submit your entry here

Heineken 0.0 – Zero Explanation Needed. Cheers to that.

Please drink responsibly