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23rd Dec 2018

PIC: This Irish Dad Went Full “Culchie” On His Trip To Dundrum Today

Darragh Berry

Before we get hate for using the ‘c’ word, I just want to say that I am a culchie myself and will be using the hated ‘c’ word for the rest of this article.

As a culchie, we are programmed to do silly things in Dublin, like wave at cars passing by even though they are strangers because at home that is deemed acceptable.

But there is one rule about being from outside of ‘The Pale’, you can never, EVER go full culchie like this Irish dad did today on his shopping trip to Dundrum.

He was up in the big smoke for the big shop and absolutely mortified his daughter by bringing an effing map of the shopping centre…

Definitely has sandwiches packed for the journey too.