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02nd Sep 2018

PICS: Photos From This Dublin Rental Viewing Yesterday Show The Madness Of This Housing Crisis

Megan Cassidy

If we were already at peak housing crisis, September has squeezed the market even tighter.

With an influx of students to the city all looking for accommodation, finding a decent place to live is basically impossible.

Photos from a “semi-affordable” rental viewing in Dublin yesterday just prove this fact.

Shared by Peter Bodkin, editor of, the photos tell a bloody mad story.

Dozens of people lined the streets hoping to get a viewing of the house, with Peter noting that the agent didn’t have much of a job to do when it came to a sales pitch.

As Peter noted ‘Does it have a roof? Sold’.

Peter noted that there were two pregnant women among the viewers, writing: ‘Can’t imagine looking for a place in the middle of this shitshow with a kid on the way’.


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