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29th Dec 2018

PICS: An Empty Dublin Airport At Christmas Makes For A Pretty Eerie Scene

James Fenton

With thousands of passengers trying to get home in time for the big day, Christmas is one of the busiest times of year at Dublin Airport.

During the build up to December 25, both terminals are a hive of activity with passengers milling around and being met with the warm embrace of loved ones.

Then, all of a sudden it all stops and an unusual calmness descends, as displayed in these photos taken on Christmas Day.

Screen Shot 2018 12 29 At 12 23 40
Screen Shot 2018 12 29 At 12 23 50
Screen Shot 2018 12 29 At 12 38 35
Screen Shot 2018 12 29 At 12 40 17

The pics were shared on the Dublin Airport Twitter account and make for some pretty eerie scenes. While some commenters questioned why there were no flights, the airport’s social media team responded by saying ‘We consult with our airline customers every summer to ascertain interest in providing a Christmas Day service.’

No doubt the madness returned fairly soon after the photos were taken.

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