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26th Nov 2018

PIC: Girlfriend’s Selfish Response After Boyfriend Donates €3 To Charity At Blanchardstown Goes Insanely Viral

Darragh Berry

When it comes to donating to charity, any contribution that can be made is a big amount, no matter how small it actually is.

So whether you’re dropping coins or notes into the box, every little bit helps that particular charity reach their goal.

Most of the time, you’ll probably just grab whatever change is in your pocket and throw it in and that’s what this Dubliner did at Blanchardstown shopping centre.

He was walking around the shopping centre with his girlfriend, strolling away, when he threw €3 into a box for charity.

All seemed grand, until his girlfriend unnecessarily and selfishly flipped out.

“Fella and girl walking in blanch and he put €3 in a charity box for Down syndrome and the girls SNAPS being like ‘???why did you do that Reece are you for real’ and he was all like

“‘???why not, it’s only €3’ and she turns around is like: ‘that €3 could have been put towards a necklace for me?!’ being DEAD SERIOUS, the poor fella”.

If you know any Reece that’s going out with someone in the Dublin area, tell him he’s in for a very stressful Christmas.

We’ve an idea, Reece. Whatever money you were about to spend on your wan, just donate it all to charity instead.

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