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20th Dec 2016

PIC: This Dublin Food Shop Is Charging HOW MUCH For A Bag Of Crisps?


How much would you pay for a bag of purple sweet potato, beetroot, golden beetroot and parsnip crisps? (We’ve broken out in notions even writing that sentence down.)

Well, if you’re shopping in Donnybrook Fair, you’ll pay €6.49 – and nope, that doesn’t include the sterling silver spoon you’ll have to use to scoop them into your gob.

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Twitter user @gavinoconnor posted the receipt – alongside an Irish Examiner piece that quoted the crisps as costing €3.96 – with the hashtag #ripoff.

Whaddya reckon? Is there any world in which €6.49 seems like a grand price for a bag of crisps?

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