Sunday Goupil#58 - Le Hurling

Sport Gaélique - Episode 2. Après une recherche de trèfle infructueuse, c'te coup-ci on m'a envoyer plus vigoureusement y regarder de plus près! Suite logique du foot gaélique, voici le Hurling: deuxième sport le plus populaire d'Irlande. De type viril! Assurément!Des thank iou, tout plein à Estelle Albira Salzard, MCA Communication, Tourism Ireland, Irlande... Laissez-vous emporter:!

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Goupil on Monday, 18 January 2016

A French TV Show Just Did An Oddly Hilarious Segment On Hurling

"Your French humour is very unusual"

It seems like the rest of the world has really woken up to the existence of hurling in recent times, as this latest segment from a French TV show proves.

The Gallic programme L'Expresso sent their hyperactive reporter Jean Baptiste Goupil to get the lowdown on the Gaelic sport.

The whacky journalist went to Ahascragh-Fohenagh GAA club in Galway to get schooled in hurling and with his super expressive face, outrageously poor coordination, and his insistence on speaking French to oblivious Irish people, it's actually pretty funny to watch. 

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