Here Are 4 Shocking Clips From RTÉ's 'I Am Immigrant' Airing Tonight

"No, we don't want to kill people and no, we don't want to take over the country"

I Am Immigrant

Tonight the documentary I Am Immigrant will be aired on RTÉ2, offering an insight in the life of an immigrant in Ireland.

With the migrant crisis in Europe on the rise, fears of unfamiliar communities are also growing. These tensions were at their most visible on the streets of Dublin just two months ago when the anti-Islam group PEGIDA faced an 'anti-racist coalition' in a clash of protests

I Am Immigrant is part of a series of RTÉ documentaries, including I Am Traveller, exploring identity in Ireland.

Take a look below at a few shocking scenes from the programme before it's broadcast. 

1. Ignorance on the streets

2. What people online have to say

3. Protestors chanting "Nazi scum off our streets"

4. Sudden violence on the Luas

I Am Immigrant airs at 9.30pm tonight on RTÉ2.

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