Jamie Dornan Taught Jimmy Kimmel 41 Irish Terms For The Word 'Drunk'

"All the many ways the Irish say 'drunk'..."

Oh Jamie Dornan - more than just an exceptionally pretty face, he's also quite the wordsmith when it comes to teaching Americans all our many ways of telling people we're on the sauce.

Jimmy Kimmel got the Northern talent on his show to celebrate our national holiday, and stuck to the solid combination of "educate, but entertain."

Good man Jamie, keep those Yanks in the mix, we're expecting them all to be talking like proper Irish natives next time we meet one in Grogan's.

He started off strong...

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Then he amps it up even more


This man is pure talent


He was even sound enough to 'Americanise' some


You're some fella Dornan - thank you for your service x 

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