Cover of Adele's latest hit single, "Hello", produced for the Singapore Tourism Board.

Posted by Kenneth Tan on Friday, 29 January 2016

This Cover Of Adele's 'Hello' Is The Most Bizarre Thing You'll See Today

The Rubberbandits have dubbed it the "unintentional Gas Cuntist video of the year so far"

It's Sunday, so you're probably lazing around, scouring the internet for your daily dose of weirdness. Look no further.

The Rubberbandits posted this video on their Facebook page this morning, dubbing it the "unintentional Gas Cuntist video of the year so far" (Gas Cuntism being the Limerick duo's preferred brand of bizarre comedy). It's easy to see why.

Starring fitness author Bryan Hawn, and features the singer striking various poses in various types of speedo while singing 'Hello' by Adele. He also feeds monkeys, hugs an elephant, and even manages to get a few push ups in.

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