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This Mini-Documentary About A Dublin Hardware Shop Is Heartbreakingly Sweet

They recently closed their doors after 30 years in business

Lord knows we're not much for DIY, but we suddenly wish we could still visit this hardware shop.

Having first opened in 1987, Churchtown Stores on Braemor Road was an old-fashioned hardware shop that was run by brothers Kieran, Barry and Fehan Flood. Much as each of the brothers had their own unique personalities, so too did the shop have a character all of its own, with its wares laid out in an unfathomable order which only really made sense to its owners. 

Having made the decision to retire at the same time, the three brothers decided they would sell the shop last year. The trio had hoped to keep Churchtown Stores going as it was, but unfortunately its buyers wanted to use the premises for another business.

But before the shutters came down for the last time early this year, production company Taller Stories managed to make this short documentary about the much-loved store and its owners...

What really comes through in the video is the enjoyment that the Flood brothers took from their work, the craic they had with the customers and the sense of community that pervaded the place.

Were you saddened to see yet another independent local shop go? Let us know in the comments.

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