This Stag Party At Dublin Airport Grabbed Everyone's Attention With A Brilliant Joke

So THAT'S what travelators are for

We all know that stag parties can be obnoxious in public — a quick trip to Temple Bar can confirm that for you — but sometimes they're just good craic.

Take these lads in Dublin Airport, for example. Neil McIlfatrick recorded a video of a stag party from Antrim who'd entertained passengers awaiting their flights as the lads loudly pretended they were rowing down the travelator. 

That bride-to-be is a lucky gal indeed.

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Seán Kenehan

Seán is known for eating, drinking and writing, making him uniquely qualified to work for Lovin Dublin. Seán enjoys skipping stones wistfully, puns that'd make a dad blush, and referring to himself in the third person.