VIDEO: This Guy Is The Real-Life Grinch

Well, this is traumatising

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Every now and then you end up on the dark side of the internet.

And that's exactly where we stumbled across these videos, tagged with #LindtCrushing – we are horrified

Apparently #LindtCrushing has been around for some time, with tweets dating back to 2014. 

Twitter user @KaliSweep seems to be heading up the movement – try to watch these videos without flinching. 

Seriously, what would possess you to do this?

Our advice? Anger management perhaps 

You need help man


There's even an entire Twitter account called Lindt Asasssins devoted to this 'sport', mainly featuring Mr KaliSweep. 

I'm sorry if this ruins your day, that's enough evil to last the week. 

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