Watch Conor McGregor Step Into The Ring With The Mountain From Game Of Thrones

"Bare knuckle fight against the 6'9 400lbs man known as 'The Mountain'"


Now this is kind of brilliant.

Conor 'The Notorious' McGregor has legions of fans. Hit HBO show Game of Thrones also has legions of fans. Those who exist in the intersection between those two fan groups are about to have a nerdgasm, because Conor McGregor just released a video of him sparring with The Mountain himself. Conor McGregor V Gregor Clegane: it even sounds perfect, doesn't it?

McGregor wrote in his tweet accompanying the video,

Bare knuckle fight against the 6'9 400lbs man known as 'The Mountain' .

McGregor mustn't be a fan of the show, because then he'd know that if you jump in the ring with The Mountain, you're not gonna have a good time. Watch the video below to see how he fared.

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