WATCH: This Beautiful Music Video Captures Everyday Life In The Liberties During Storm Emma

Oh, the glory days!

Anyone who knows me will know I am one of the biggest music-heads on the Lovin team and I'm always on the hunt for new Irish music. 

I came across The Ocelots in my final year of college and since then I've been their biggest fan girl, no really... I've literally been to all of their gigs. (They probably think I'm a stalker at this stage tbh) 

The Wexford twins blew me away with their original, folk style and tight harmonies from day one. When I saw that they had released a new music video on Saturday I literally made myself a cup of tea in preparation because I knew I'd be playing it on loop for the next hour or so. (or three, or four..)

I had not anticipated however, how stunningly beautiful the music video was going to be.

The video was recorded during Storm Emma and it really captures Dublin and its locals during that time in its essence. It was filmed by the wonderfully talented Myles O'Reilly Arbutus Yarns and tells the story of the twins taking to the Dublin streets to sing in the snow. 

The pair have an incredible on screen chemistry and you can see them encouraging one another as the play together. The best part however, is seeing how simply stunning  and peaceful Dublin is in the snow. 

I've literally watched this 100 times already and I know every time I watch it I'll be able to smile thinking back on those magical days the week before last when Dublin was white (and I was able to work from bed). 

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Eadaoin Fitzmaurice

Multimedia Journalist. A lanky video-head living her best life by capturing what Dublin has to offer. Can be seen roaming around the city vlogging herself and eating everything that crosses her path.Email: Social: @bandeadd