Watch This Woman Try To Blag Free Adele Tickets With A 'Hello' Parody

"There's such a difference betweeeeen us, and our iiiiincooooome"

If you're trying to beg your favourite celebrity for free tickets, this is how you do it.

Performed and uploaded by Janee Bradford from Charlottesville in Virginia, 'Hello From The Parking Lot' is a persuasive musical argument for why the English pop star should let the fan have a free trip to one of her shows. 

After posting the video on Facebook, it went viral within days. Bradford said,

I love Adele and would love to see her live. This video was done as a comic relief (parody). I didn't expect it to go viral on Facebook at all, but it did. I did it out of fun, and now that people have heard my voice, I'm trying to get it heard.

And she really does have a great voice too. Adele pretty much has to cough up those tickets now.

Well played, Janee.

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