ROAD SAFETY FILM 1974Made on the northside and featuring Maureen Potter.Spot the familiar locations.

Posted by Glasnevin Heritage on Thursday, 28 January 2016

You Honestly Couldn't Make Up This Irish Road Safety Video From The '70s

"When mother brings them to school herself, does SHE wait for the lollipop man? Not on your nelly!"

We love these old fashioned Irish videos, and this is up there with that sex education clip from the '80s.

Posted on the Glasnevin Heritage Facebook page, here we have a road safety video that's over 40 years old, that couldn't be more Irish or more '70s.

Filmed on the north side and featuring a voiceover by Maureen Potter, the video from 1974 teaches kids how to properly cross the road and scolds mammies for giving them bad habits.

It's safe to say they don't make these ads like they used to. Check it out above.

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