Forget The €20 Web Summit Lunch, Here Are 14 Much Better Things You Can Buy Instead

And still have some change left over!


The Web Summit is in full swing, and reports of mediocre €20 lunches are abundant.

Ticket prices to the three day fair start at €790 and go up as high as €1,618, with food being included in the price of the ticket in previous years. However, this year Food Summit tickets cost €20 per day for "a main course and a drink", or a discounted €50 for three days.

The below is what €20 will buy you, accompanied by a litre bottle of water.

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Lunch from Kinara Kitchen

Other main courses consits of baps filled with pulled pork, or hot dogs. You'd be forgiven for thinking that this is more music festival grub than a main course, and you'd usually get a good feed at a festival for around a tenner...

So this got us thinking, what else can be purchased in Dublin for under €20?

Read on for some alternatives that will give you better bang for your buck...

1. Taco lunch for two at K Chido

Authentic Mexican food from a van that costs €12 for two people.

2. A roast dinner and a glass of vino at Green 19

This will set you back around €16 and you'll be stuffed for the rest of the day.

3. Two dozen wings at Camden Rotisserie

Enjoy two dozen wings for just €12.95 which is enough to feed a small army!

4. Dinner for two at Wowburger

Cheeseburgers and fries for two people will set you back €17.80. Go for the garlic butter fries, you won't regret it!

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5. Steak sambo and a brownie at The Bridge 1859

If you're in Ballsbridge and want real grub for your twenty quid head to The Bridge, a main and a dessert will come in anywhere between €14 and €20.

6. Salad box at Cracked Nut

Some of the most nutritious food you'll find in the city, and amazing value as well. A salad box will set you back €6.95 but make sure you grab a matcha latté and one of their raw caramel slices while you're there too!

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7. Fallon and Byrne lunch for two

This one is a great little trick: go up to the salad counter in here and pile up your plate. You'll get a good big portion for €8 per person and you then take it downstairs into their wine cellar to eat it.

8. Lunch for two at The Village Cafe

A great lunch spot right in the heart of Rathmines. The standard is high here but the prices are anything but with all the mains ranging from €6 to €10.

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9. Two courses at Whitefriar Grill

One of the best restaurants in the city, two courses cost €19.50 and 3 courses cost €24.50. Portions here are massive so you won't go hungry!

10. A delish two course lunch or earlybird at Pichet

Nothing but the finest cooking in this modern bistro, two courses will set you back €20, and three courses are €25. You won't believe the quality of the cooking you get here, with a huge selection of high end dishes.

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Or alternatively you could spend your twenty quid on...

11. Four 3-in-1s.

12. Three sundaes from Sweet Republic.

13. Two pints of Guinness in Temple Bar.

14. One munchy box.

(And a partridge in a pear tree!)

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