What I Eat In A Week: Aoife from Dublin Food Journal 

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April 25, 2022 at 11:31am


Welcome to What I eat in a week in Dublin, where we find out what Dubliners are having. We're asking people who live in this fine city what they are really having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This isn't a platform for lecturing or snarky comments, just a place for foodies to tell us what they are putting in their face holes during any given week.  

This week's What I Eat in a Week was written by food blogger Aoife Crilly, otherwise known as Dublin Food Journal - you can follow her Instagram @dublinfoodjournal to keep up with her food reviews.

Location: Harolds Cross, Dublin 6 

Diet: Is there anything you don't eat/drink? 

A few years ago, I decided to become vegetarian. So, I don’t eat any meat or fish. It’s great that Dublin has so many more food places for vegans and vegetarians now.  

What snack can always be found in your bag? 

I have a big savoury tooth, so I like to have crisps or popcorn to snack on as a go about my day.  

 Your fridge is never without? 

I have an extensive choice of hot sauces in my fridge; I love collecting and trying them out. Hot sauce brings flavour to even the blandest of dishes.     

What's your emergency dinner? 

Egg fried rice is definitely my emergency dinner. I always have eggs and rice at home. I then put whatever vegetables I have at home into it. It’s super quick and easy to make.  

If you had to eat one place in Dublin for the rest of your life where would it be? 

That’s such a hard question! But I have to say 777, it has it all. The tacos are amazing, and the margaritas are one of the best in Dublin. The atmosphere is always buzzing too.  

Day One  


8.30 am: Before my 9 am lecture I go to Bread 41 on Pearse Street for an oat latte and a croissant to go. I’m lucky that this place is on my way because it serves the best baked goods in all of Dublin.  

12.30 pm: I just grabbed a vegan New York-style no-salt beef pretzel roll from Marks and Spencer. It’s so delicious and the vegan pastrami is so tasty. I also got their Diet Sparkling Pink Cranberry Lemonade, it’s so good! 

4 pm: I snack on some popcorn to keep me going through writing up assignments.  

7.30 pm: I catch up with some friends at Krewe, Capel Street. I love their creole dirty rice; it’s my go-to dish. I sipped on their Orange Whip cocktail, it tastes just like a Solero ice cream! We shared the cookie skillet because I could definitely not finish it off by myself. 

Day Two 

9 am: I start with a Nespresso coffee at home. Buying a Nespresso machine was the best investment, the coffee is delicious! I then make smashed avocado on toast.  

1 pm: I have lunch with family at the Porter House on South William Street. They have an extensive menu with plenty of vegetarian options. I devoured the stuffed mushrooms and patatas bravas. We finished with their magnificent churros, the perfect end to tapas.  

5 pm: I have some Hunky Dorys, cheese and onion flavour always. 

7.30 pm: I made a linguini with a sauce made of mushrooms, cream, white wine and Port Salut cheese. This is a recipe I invented myself and it’s divine. I do this for friends and family all the time. I chose Port Salut because I believe it’s mild in taste, perfect for making a pasta sauce.  

Day Three 

10 am: Start with just toast and jam. On the way into college, I grab an iced oat latte from my local cafe, Southbank, Grove Road. I believe it’s never too cold for an iced coffee.  

1 pm: I have lunch at PI Pizza on Georges Street and order a classic Margherita pizza. I think PI is one of the best pizza places in Dublin.  

3 pm: I grab a Green Goddess juicy from The Juicery in St George’s Arcade. Whenever I try to make myself a green juice it just tastes like grass, so I’d rather buy one here! 


6.30 pm: I make egg fried rice at home. I top it with sriracha, one of my favourite hot sauces at the moment.  

Day Four 

9.30 am: I have a fried egg on sourdough toast. Accompanied with coffee to wake me up.  

12 pm: I go to the Rolling Donut and choose a ring doughnut with sprinkles along with an oat latte.  

3 pm: Lunch at Vegan Sandwich company in St Stephens Green Shopping Centre. I order the vegan chicken fillet roll.  

8 pm: I make a homemade vegetarian lasagna, with vegan mince, courgette, tomatoes and spinach. It’s my ultimate comfort meal.  

Day Five 

9 am: Smoothie time. I blend frozen mango, banana, plain yoghurt, oat milk and chia seeds.  

11 am: Banana bread and an oat latte from ALMA on South Circular Road.  

2 pm: I snack on port salut cheese and crackers with grapes.  

7 pm: I go to Musashi, Capel Street with my boyfriend. It’s the best sushi in Dublin in my opinion. I enjoyed their vegetarian futomaki roll with a side of edamame beans.  

Day Six 

9 am: Avocado on sourdough toast with coffee.  


2 pm: I have a red pepper and hummus toastie and an iced oat latte from Southbank.  

6 pm: Snacks today are almonds and an apple.  

8 pm: I am going to Winedown, Montague Street with some friends for the evening. It was my first time there and it was a lovely spot. I ordered a cheese board and a glass of pinot grigio.  

Day Seven 

10 am: Another mango smoothie and coffee at home.  

2.15 pm: Back to ALMA again to have their magnificent dulce de leche pancakes and an oat latte.  

3 pm: I grab an oat latte from Kaph, Drury Street.  

7.30 pm: I make vegetable and bean burritos at home, whipping up some guacamole and salsa from scratch.  


A great week of eating delicious food. I visited some of my favourite places including ALMA and PI. I also tried somewhere new, Winedown and hope to go back there very soon.  

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