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April 14, 2022 at 1:26pm


Welcome to What I eat in a week in Dublin, where we find out what Dubliners are having. We're asking people who live in this fine city what they are really having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This isn't a platform for lecturing or snarky comments, just a place for foodies to tell us what they are putting in their face holes during any given week. 

This week's What I Eat in a Week was written by food blogger Claudia, otherwise known as Eat Drink Dub - you can follow her Instagram @eatdrinkdub to keep up with her food reviews.

Location: Stepaside, Dublin 18

Every day before I sleep, I have this thought that I'll start eating healthier the next morning, or at least a balanced diet. Unfortunately this hasn't really started because Dublin’s food is too good to resist.

Is there anything you don't eat/drink? 

Nothing I can think of. I basically eat everything. However, if I must choose, I don’t really like cherries. They taste weird to me.

What snack can always be found in your bag?

I don’t carry snacks in my bag, can you  imagine! I will buy small snacks if I am feeling hungry like a piece of donut. 

Your fridge is never without?

Beef Sirloin Steak. It’s the easiest meat to cook. Every-time it runs out, I will immediately buy a bunch to stock up in my fridge.

What's your emergency dinner?

Instant Ramen Noodle. Period.

If you had to eat at one place in Dublin for the rest of your life where would it be?

As a foodie, this question is extremely hard. I adore all restaurants in Dublin. However, if I really have to choose, I will go for Pho Kim on Parnell Street. I love their Pho Noodle Soup. Why? In general, Noodle Soup is a healthy dish and who doesn’t love soup for Dublin weather.

Day One 


10:00 AM:  Black coffee. Simple. 

12:30 PM: Ham and Cheese sandwich with coleslaw on the side. 

7:00 PM: I go to Street by Sunil and order ‘Fauzi Chicken Wings’ for my starter and Kerala Express Meal for my main course. All the amazing spices in the dishes, incredibly good. 

Day Two

10:00 AM: Black coffee.

12:30 PM: I have Palabok, which is a traditional Filipino noodle dish topped with mackerel gravy, shrimp, pork crackling and eggs. My husband cooked it for me over the weekend and I just reheated it for lunch.

7:00 PM: I go to the city centre for the one and only Famous Biang Biang Noodles in Xian Street Food. I contemplate if I should order their best selling Spice Bag too, but am able to resist.

8:00 PM: I get one Cinnamon Sugar Donut from the legendary Rolling Donut kiosk.

Day Three

10:00 AM : Another day, another black coffee.

12:30 PM : Today’s lunch is minced pork dry noodle. I enjoy my lunch while watching ‘The Women’ on Netflix.

7:00 PM : I go to Canal Bank with my friend for dinner. I am having buffalo chicken wings for my starter and Shellfish Cioppino for my main course. Delicious! Canal Ban Buffalo Chicken Wings are a definite must order. Every table literally had ordered this. 

Day Four

11:46 AM: Baklava. A good friend of mine brought one box from Turkey. 


12.30 PM:  Toastie and coleslaw. Simple and quick. 

5.00 PM:  Baklava, again. I have a sweet tooth. 

7.00 PM: Smashed Pats 2x Burger and Fries from The Rolling Stoves inside Pillar Bar in the heart of city centre, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! 

8:00 PM: Passion Fruit Tea from ONLY Bakery Tea in Abbey Street. So refreshing after the burger meal. 

10:00 PM: I am having Rare Beef Pho Noodle Soup Takeaway from Pho Kim. I share it with my husband.  

Thursday is the busiest day at work, that's why I tend to eat a lot.. Excuse no excuse…

Day Five

10:00 AM : Black Coffee

12:30 PM : Fried mackerels fillet with rice. 

5:00 PM : Instant porridge from Asian Market

8:00 PM : Chicken Shawarma from Tuckk Inn Food truck. It is so good. The chicken is so tender, well seasoned, a hidden gem in the Tallaght area. 

8:37 PM : And for dessert, beside Tuckk Inn food truck there is dessert food truck called Kanafeh Kingz, and I have their Kanafeh. Sweet and delish! 

Day Six

11:00AM : Coffee with kanafeh


2:00 PM : I meet my ex-coworker and we dine in an ‘Old Post Office’ restaurant in Blackrock. I have dumplings for starters and stir fried prawn with ginger and scallion with rice. 

5:30 PM : Dessert O’clock! I share Baileys strawberry ice cream cremella from Three Twenty Lab with my husband. Such a perfect treat for spring time. 

7:00 PM : 1/2 rotisserie chicken with coleslaw and sweet potato from Camden Rotisserie

9:00 PM : Kanafeh to end the night. 

Day Seven

11:00 AM : Pistachio Kanafeh and black coffee

2:00 PM : Halušky from Chloe Kitchen at Glasnevin Market. Halušky is a traditional Slovakian dish. It tastes like creamy gnocchi. I love it! 

4:30 PM : Easter Egg Shake from Treat Yo Self Ballymun. 

7:00 PM : Spicy aubergine and prawns with rice at Janet’s Dublin Eatyard. If you haven’t tried Janet’s, you must. They are very popular with their rice bowls, bao buns, and gyozas. 

10:00 PM : Janet’s Dublin Pork Gyoza Takeaway


Amazing week despite the gloomy spring weather. A lot of eating out, but I really enjoy all of the food. Dublin nowadays offers a lot of options compared to Dublin 5 years ago. 

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