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07th Sep 2018

Nine Of The Best ‘Smokey Old Fashioned’ Cocktails To Order In Dublin

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Get ready for one of the most aesthetically pleasing articles of your LIFE.

We’re absolute suckers for a good cocktail and a Smokey Old Fashioned is up there as one of our all time favourites. It’s bitter, it’s sweet and it’s a little too easy to drink.

Finding a good one in Dublin however, can be challenging, so don’t worry guys, we took one for the team and went on our own little bar crawl to find the best around.

1. The Bowsie – Bow Street

Bow Street is one of those places that you’d walk right by without even realising, but once you’ve visited, you’ll find yourself going back time and time again.

The super spacious bar offers some of the quirkiest and best presented cocktails in town.

There Old Fashioned is delivered in a glass dome and watching the smoke pour out is literally the most satisfying thing in the entire world.

2. Campfire Smoke – Candlelight Bar

Candlelight bar is a cocktail experience, to say the least. Every single drink is ridiculously creative and the presentation has us utterly obsessed.

From gin baths with a rubber duck to a steal top hat with a single plum floating in it, you’ll be left gobsmacked every time a cocktail is put in front of you here. One of the funkiest and quirkiest inventions of theirs is their take on a Smoked Old Fashioned.

It’s called the Campfire Smoke and it comes in an actual treasure chest, laced with fairy lights… OMG.

The flavours in this bad boy will take you back to childhood camping trips. There are even tiny roast marshmallows to nibble on while you sip this smokey beauty.

3. Fashioned By Age – Peruke & Periwig

Paddy Irish Whiskey, Maple Syrup, Jerry Thomas Bitters, Peychaud’s Bitters & Smoke – the components of what is one of the tastiest Old Fashioned cocktails in town.

Peruke And Periwig is a dark, cosy bar with mahogany wood and velvet furnishings, it’s proper lush. It’s the ideal venue to cuddle up in a corner by candlelight and sip away to your heart’s content.

4. Smoked Old Fashioned – The Exchequer

Maple-cured, bitter and smokey flavours – This is a classic take on a Smoked Old Fashioned. The popular bar has won a number of awards through the years for their deadly food and whopper cocktails.

It’s also just a class place to kick back and have a few scoops with your mates.

We are obsessed with how this cocktail is served, stunning.

5. Smoked Old Fashioned – Thunder Cut Alley

Everything about this dive bar is wonderfully over the top. The entire venue is covered in wacky art, funky furniture and blares whopper tunes.

They are masters of their trade when it comes to cocktails and they are always coming up with new, brilliant recipes. Their take on a Smoked Old Fashioned is to die for.

6. Smoked Old Fashioned – NoLita

This Italian eatery meets New York bar is a must for any cocktail lover.

It has an urban warehouse style, with an open staircase leading to a bar and terrace, and a cosy Whiskey Bar with Irish and International potions that’s just made for date night. Their Whiskey Bar is the ideal spot to order that special drink & believe me, it’s a good’un.

7. The Liqour Rooms

A dreamy bar which looks like a burlesuqe circus on the inside that serves a deadly Smoked Old Fashion, sure we can’t complain.

8. Jimmy Rabbitte’s

This speakeasy on Camden Street is full of character.

They make a mean Smoked Old Fashioned and there’s always a buzz around the place.

We’ll take seven please!

9. Delahunt

We’ve no doubt you’ve passed this place more times than you can count.

In fact, it even took us some time to discover this hidden gem. Delahunt’s upstairs cocktail bar, The Sitting Room, is one of our fave lil secret spots to visit for a special occasion drink.

Accessed via a tiny, unsuspecting door beside the restaurant’s beautiful main bar, this place really is something special. Their cocktail menu changes regularly but not to fear, the usual classics like our beloved old smokey are served go deo.

Happy drinking!

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