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27th Feb 2020

A monthly alcohol-free club night is coming to Dublin 4

Sarah Finnan

alcohol-free club night

Finding things to do that don’t involve alcohol can be harder than you’d expect.

We’re a country known for our Guinness and our spuds, and it can sometimes feel as if we’re walking stereotypes playing up to our drunken reputation.

While finding alcohol-free activities to do during the day is a challenge in itself, finding alcohol-free club nights is next to impossible. Yes, you can choose not to drink but it’s not often you find an establishment that is completely booze-free.

Enter Pollen Club for Dance.

An alcohol and drug-free club night, organisers have created something special.

According to the website, they believe in the “amazing power of dance to bring people together, to celebrate life, to de-stress and shake it all out and to have fun on a great night out.”

DJs Aidan Kavanagh and Carol ‘joa’ McInerney are the faces behind the new venture, bringing all the craic and ceol you’d experience on any other normal night out.

Playing an eclectic mix of international music and beats, Pollen Club for Dance has a residency at the Chapel of Ease in Irishtown. Running monthly from March to June, with the next one set for Saturday 21st March.

And the highlight? Instead of alcohol, there will be a selection of herbal teas and non-alcoholic drinks as well as cakes and other snacks. Cake? On a night out? Well that’s just the icing on top now isn’t it… pun intended.


Tickets for the Pollen Club for Dance range in price with concessions for students and groups and there will also be a limited number available at the door (cash only though).

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