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26th Apr 2018

A Series Of Summer Events Celebrating Irish Music And Food Is Coming To Rathmines

James Fenton

Festival season is very much upon us with organisers the length and breadth of the country putting final preparations in place for their summer celebrations of music, food and culture. 

But frankly, feck spending all that money on tickets, travel and accommodation when you can have just as good an experience in little ol’ Rathmines. The jewel in the crown of D6, AKA The Bowery has announced a series of summer events celebrating ‘the most unique Irish flavours in music, food and drinks.’

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The events include live bands, BBQ’s and market stalls from 5pam all the way through to 3am with ‘specialised food and drinks menus showcasing the finest Irish ingredients.’

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Some of Ireland’s best live performers will be on show over the three dates with the line-up looking like this…

JUNE 16:

WOLFF | Backroad Smokers Club | Blackbird & Crow | Scally | Jet Fuel Chemistry 

JULY 21:

CrowBlackChicken | Lisa Canny | MUNKY | Bicurious | Gorilla Troubadour 


New Valley Wolves | Accidents In The Workplace | Order Of The Mess

Day tickets for each event cost €10 and can be purchased here.

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