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05th Sep 2019

Attention Fellas – A Menswear Sustainable Fashion Event Is Taking Place This Weekend

James Fenton

Forget fashionistas, this event is for the fashionmistas out there.

Usually after opening with such a woeful line I’d say “I’ll get me coat” and this time is no different except for the fact that said coat will cost me next to nothing and make me look mega trendy.

If you’re still with me, I’m pleased to announce that Sustainable Fashion Dublin, AKA Geraldine Carton and Taz Kelleher, will be holding a couple of menswear events this Sunday.

The pair have become known for their charity shop crawls which, thus far, have mainly been aimed at women. This weekend though, it’s the lads’ turn as a Men’s Clothing Upcycling Workshop takes place from 11am until 1pm before a Menswear Swap Shop is held from 2pm until 4pm.

It all takes place at the Tara Building on Tara Street and Geraldine and Taz have brought a few helpers on board for the occasion. The workshop will see tailoring mastermind Jake McCabe guide attendees on how to ‘turn a t-shirt/ tote bag or pair of jeans from “meh” to “Hey man, where’d you get that?!” quality.’

This creative event will be accompanied by coffee and treats so if you’ll not only leave with a fresh-looking wardrobe, you’ll also have a full belly.

Before all that, Geraldine and Taz will be joined by Jack as well as NCBI ambassador Billy Bunzari and ‘charity shop fiend’ Steve Reddy (pictured above) for a panel talk that will tap into the male experience of trying to be more sustainable. The lads will be providing plenty of tips and tricks on how to make your wardrobe a bit greener via cheap and sustainable methods.

For the swap shop, people are permitted to bring five pieces of clothing max and everyone will ‘get the chance to grab one item at a time during a series of 3-2-1 countdowns’ before it finishes off with a ‘free-for-all-take-whatever-you-want.’ Any remaining clothing will then be brought to a nearby charity shop.

Oh, and there will also be beer and music throughout the day.

Tickets for the workshop cost €20 and entry to the swap shop will cost €15. You can nab your spot for both here.

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