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There’s A BYO Art Exhibition In Dublin You Won’t Want To Miss

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This is such a cool event.

The Bring Your Own Art, Art Show is a brilliant idea for artists and people who are looking to get some really cool, affordable art.

They gather in a Lucky’s bar once a month and artists from all over Ireland come and bring a piece they are looking to sell.

It’s a clever set up as artists are often left with a lot of pieces hanging around and we’ve all heard of the phrase ‘starving artist’, so it’s great they get the chance to sell some stuff.

Better again, the artist gets 70% of the sale and the remaining 30% goes to Inner City Helping Homeless.

To top it all of, it’s a great social event coupled with a few drinks.

There is an event happening tomorrow, April 5 and you should try pop down, have a look and maybe pick up a little gem.


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