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PIC: This Chipper Sign In Ballybough Is Causing Major Confusion

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The only thing better than chips, is chipper chips.

Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Anyway, this chipper is situated in Ballybough and while locals in the area were excited to see what the new place had in store, one thing was just really irritating them upon arrival.

What the eff is the place called?

On first glance, you’d think that it’s called “Ma N’s” but then you realise how stupid a place called Ma N’s would be. Is it “Max’s”? But if it is why is the X bigger than the A?

Is it called “Ma K’s”? Someone even suggested that the weird letter at the end might be a ‘J’?.

Above the sign, it states that the place is called “Farrell’s” while another commenter rang the number on the picture and was told that the name was “Bella Roma”.

If it’s a marketing stunt, it’s a good one because everyone will be having a gawk at the sign to see can they figure out what it says.

And sure, while you’re down there all that thinking will probably make you hungry…

Is it a fancy 9? Ma 9’s? No, that’s defo not right.

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