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25th Sep 2018

PICS: This Dublin Inspired Irish Pub-Restaurant Is Opening Up In A Very Special American Town

Darragh Berry

There was only one place in America that this Dublin inspired restaurant could open in, and that’s in Dublin, Ohio.

Fadó Pub and Kitchen will officially open on October 1st in the American town and is designed around the owner’s (Ian Monty) home town of Dublin, Ireland.

It will mix an Irish Pub with a kitchen that serves European-inspired food from the likes of London and Paris.

The ingredients are sourced locally and the bar will have more than 50 wines and tonnes of whiskey.

What’s best of all, it’s decor actually arrived from Dublin, Ireland.

Fadó Pub and Kitchen will be located on the ground floor at 6652 Riverside Drive in Bridge Park West.

Fado Kitchen 1
Fado Kitchen 2
Fado Kitchen 3

Everything you see was designed, constructed and imported from Monty’s home town of Dublin, Ireland.

With a bright and open floor plan and a focus on hospitality, Fadó Pub and Kitchen strives to create a casual environment that encourages guests to linger and connect with each other.

If you’re ever near the area in America, you need to pop in to say heyyyyy.

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