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07th May 2018

Dublin Is Getting a Freaking Inflatable Water Park This Summer

Megan Cassidy

Whack me in a wetsuit and call me Free Willy, because I’m never going to leave this place. 

Ireland and waterparks aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. 

In fact, visions of myself and my classmates shivering in tinfoil blankets at Clara Lara come flooding back any time the words ‘water sports’ are mentioned in an Irish context. 

But if the weather we’ve had this weekend is any indication of what’s to come this summer, we welcome giant inflatable water fun with open arms. 

Word has it that Dun Laoghaire harbour will soon become home to an inflatable water park brought to us by Big Splash Water Parks, the same people behind Surfdock in Dublin’s Grand Canal. 

The team have just won a tender to bring the floating obstacles to Coal Harbour, in what may be the best news we’ve had this summer.

According to The Sunday Times, the installation will include climbing frames, barges and much more, with organisers urging people to ‘get out, enjoy the water and have fun.’

You don’t have to tell us twice. 

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