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10th Mar 2020

A Dublin venue is hosting a Derry Girls party next week

Sarah Finnan

Derry Girls party

You’ll be raging if you miss this.

I have yet to come across someone who doesn’t like Derry Girls. It’s a work of art, and between characters such as Michelle, Erin and the wee English fella, there are myriads of reasons to adore it.

Not just for Irish people either, as it seems the series is just as popular overseas with American viewers… even if they do have to watch with subtitles, but who amongst us hasn’t struggled with the accent at one point or another?

With so many iconic moments to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favourite – though I will say the final episode of season one is definitely up there as one of the best. Orla’s foray into the competitive world of step aerobics is possibly one of the funniest things to have graced Irish telly boxes in a long time.

Reckon you have the talent show routine down pat? Well, the time has come to show off your skills as Everleigh is hosting a huge pre-Paddy’s Day Derry Girls themed party next Monday. Combine Derry Girls with Paddy’s Day and you’ve got quite the patriotic combination on your hands.

Tunes on the night will come from Bingo Loco DJ Jaz Keane, while drinks will start at less than €3. 90s fancy dress is highly encouraged, so convince your pals to throw on their denim jackets too if you don’t feel like being an individual on your own.

Next Monday at Everleigh from 9pm.

A Derry Girls party? Aye, dead on.

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