Belfast Bars Are Coming To Dublin For One Night Only At This Special Cocktail Takeover

A night to remember...

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Think Mondays are grim? Think again, because it looks like cocktail takeovers are all the rage on a Monday evening. 

First we broke the news that a London takeover is happening in a city centre bar tonight, and now we're telling ya that two popular Belfast bars are coming to town next Monday. 

Gorge. Stunning. Divine. 

The Liquor Rooms and World Class Spirits have teamed up with two of their fave Belfast bars to put on a night to remember, hosting a Belfast Take Over next Monday May 21. 

A special menu of signature serves will be available for one night only, featuring three cocktails from Liquor XXX, three from Rita's (the Belfast bars) and obvs three cocktails from the team at The Liquor Rooms. 

As well as heaps of booze, they'll also have the wonderful Bella A Go Go, who will be performing burlesque and will also MC the night.

Booze, burlesque and Belfast craic - what's not to love?

There's gonna be three Bartender Challenges on the night that sound like serious craic: 

The Mystery Bag Challenge

"Each bartender will be given a bag of mystery ingredients and will be asked to whip up a cocktail using all

of said ingredients. It could be ANYTHING in that bag. Think Ready, Steady, Cook but with less Ainsley Harriot and more cocktails."

The Daiquiri Challenge

"Everyone loves a daiquiri! We’re going to challenge all 6 bartenders to see who can make the fastest daiquiri. Simple!"

The Bro-Tender Challenge

"Things get super-interesting here. We handcuff each team together. Each team must create a cocktail in the fastest time possible. The record is 30 seconds, blink and you’ll miss it!"

See yiz there. 

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