David Rudolf From 'The Staircase' Is Coming To Dublin For An Evening Of Discussion

No spoilers, please...

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I'm gonna level with ya here, folks. While people have been bigging up the Netflix documentary The Staircase all summer, I only started watching it two days ago. Sue me.

Still, I've managed to squeeze in three episodes over the past couple of evenings and it's fair to say I'm already hooked. If you haven't watched it yet, my fledgling opinion is that it's very much along the same lines as Making A Murderer in that I've already seen plenty of twists and turns and I'm finding fairly hard not to watch another episode before bed.

At the rate I'm going I should be finished in the next week or so, which will give me plenty of time to prepare for a special evening of conversation that's just been announced for Dublin on October 14.

Aiken Promotions has announced that David Rudolf, the attorney for murder-accused novelist Michael Peterson, will be coming to the capital to discuss all the in and outs of the case, most of which I'm not familiar with yet meaning I'm not really sure how to finish this paragraph.

Tickets will go on sale this Friday and should be snapped up by the growing audience of The Staircase here in Ireland. No spoilers, please.

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