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30th Sep 2021

Ireland’s first nightclub event since the pandemic takes places tonight in Button Factory

Katy Thornton

It has been 19 months since nightclubs closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic

Tonight The Button Factory will open to 450 attendees with the launch of the first nightclub event since March 2020. Indoor venues can operate at a 60% capacity, so this event is in line with government guidelines. However, once indoors, attendees will not have to abide by social distancing rules.

Attendees will have to show their Digital Covid Certificate and ungergo an antigen test in order to take all possible precautions. Otherwise this event will take place largely as normal.

Will Rolfe, promoter for Button Factory told RTÉ News the event will be “a taste of normality”.

There will be health checks following the event, but this is a great step in the right direction.

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