7 Feckin Deadly Dishes To Munch On This Week

Tuck in!

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It's time for your weekly food bucket list and this week's a good'un.

Sometimes you're marvin but you just cannot make your mind up on what you want to eat.

Is it sweet? savoury? spicy?

Maybe this list can give you some inspo.

It's jammed packed with a little bit of everything, so I'm sure something will spark your interest.

So here it is, a dish for every day of the week:

(You're welcome!)

1. Scrambled Eggs - Fable And Stey

Last week, a new dainty café opened up in Blackrock.

Of course, as soon as I heard this I was in the car driving over to try it out.

The scrambled eggs from here are everything I've ever wanted - buttery, fluffly goodness.

2. Mac'n'Cheese Serrano Cup - Skinflint

If you're looking for some comfort food, this is the one.

Gooey, stringy, cheesy mac'n'cheese wrapped in a perfectly salty serrano ham cup.

It's a starter, but after this you definitely won't need a main.

3. Chicken - Fowl Play

Fowl Play proves that you don't need batter on chicken for it to taste good.

It's all about the way it's cooked and the seasoning.

Some of the best chicken I've ever tasted.

4. Martini Tree - Bow Lane

The Lovin team headed out for a few drinks last week and of course, we'd never do it half arsed.

We headed over to Bow Lane to check out their Martini Tree.

It holds eight drinks and there's four or five cocktails to choose from including an espresso martini and a whiskey sour.


5. Classic - Platform Pizza

Last week I wen't SUPing and after that pizza was a must.

Platform Pizza cured my rumbling stomach to no end.

So tasty.

6. Pancakes - Tang

A brand new Tang has opened on Abbey Street so there's no better time to try it out.

The pancakes from Tang are too good, covered in berries, walnuts and honey - it's the perfect treat.

7. Lemon Cheesecake - Noshington

These guys claim to have the best cheesecake in Dublin and I'd well believe it.

It's super zingy, tangy and proper delish.


Header image: @fowlplaybbq @pancakesmakeyoufamous


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