Here's Where You Can Get Bottomless Pizza Every Sunday For Just €15 In The City

We couldn't think of a better concept if we tried...

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We've all heard of bottomless brunch - a deal that usually involves paying a set price for your meal and an unlimited supply of drinks for a certain amount of time.

But bottomless pizza? Now that is a veryyyyy tempting concept.

Yep, unlimited pizza is genuinely a thing. At least it is at this Dublin pub once every week!

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The Jar Pub, based on Wexford Street, has a deadly offer available every Sunday, and to be honest it sounds like the DREAM for pizza lovers.

You can pay €10 for a pizza and a pint or a glass of wine, or for a fiver extra you'll get bottomless pizza and a pint/wine.

Yep, for just €15 you'll get unlimited pizza - what more could you want on a lazy, hungover Sunday?

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The best news? They serve mouth-watering Base pizzas *drools*.

Bottomless pizza Sundays kicks off at 3pm every Sunday. Why not head over this weekend to see what it's all about?

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You can check out the menu here.

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