PICS: At €2.99 We've Found The Cheapest Full Irish Brekkie In Dublin

There's also a jumbo option for €6 which is seriously cheap too

Cheapest Breakfast Dublin Main

I'm an absolute heurrrrrrr for a Full Irish brekkie after a heavy night of drinking.

No matter what condition I'm in, I'll scoff it down and sometimes it's the making of me, but most of times, it's the breaking of me.

But even though I know the line is so thin, I'll still opt for the fry.

And now that we've stumbled across the cheapest one in Dublin, we know where our next venture for 'the cure' will be.

Kung Fu Buffet in Phibsboro offers customers a Full Irish for fecking less than €3. We'll have 4 of them please.

For that price you get toast, 2 jumbo sausages, bacon, eggs, pudding, tomato, mushroom and beans.


And, if you go for the jumbo option, you get 4 jumbo saussies plus extras for the rest of stuff.

Or, if you want it to go, you can get a breakfast roll and a can for less than €5.

Now, I just need an excuse to go drinking in order to justify this fry treat the following morning.

Who am I kidding, I don't need excuses, no time like the present!

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