PICS: The Price Of The Chicken Fillet Roll At DCU Is Actually Scandalous

This "daylight robbery" caused so much controversy that the Londis at the college had to reduce the price and it's still too dear in our opinion.

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You know the craic, when you're 18 to 21 and broke as fook in college, you rely on cheap cans, second-hand books and most importantly, cheap chicken fillet rolls as staple hungover and normal day food.

The chicken fillet roll, whether you like it plain or spicy, with extras or not, has gotten many students through the hardest of assignments and the darkest of hangovers.

When I was in NUIG, you could get a roll, wedges and a coke for €4.50.

An absolute bargain and I don't even want to think about the amount of times I snapped up that deal without thinking twice.

But this is just different gravy altogether.

The Dublin City University Students Union Vice President for Academic Affairs took to Twitter to share his disgust at the rip-off price of a chicken fillet roll at Londis DCU.

"I’ve decided to boycott the Londis in DCU because their chicken fillet rolls cost €5.50 and I won’t stand for it!"

Londis responded to Callaghan and said:

"Hi Callaghan, at Londis we welcome feedback, it is the best way to improve our service. A chicken fillet role currently costs €4.50. Extra toppings have increased the price. We are currently reviewing the prices. Feel free to dm to meet up and discuss them with us."

But the vice-president stood his ground and said that €4.50 was still "daylight robbery", so Londis decided to drop the price even more.

It's down to €3.75 but that's before you put in any extra. Still scandalous in our opinion.

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