We Are Intrigued By This Unusual Burger That's Just Dropped In Dublin

We need to try this!

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There's something about Friday, I always seem to crave a burger.

Problem is, sometimes they're just a little too heavy for me.

I like to think I've tried most burgers in the city but last night I came across one of the most intriguing dishes I've seen in quite a while.

Ramen Dublin have launched a Ramen Beef Burger.

Yep, you've heard me right.

Instead of a bready bun, this bad boy is made from delish noodles.

This looks fantastic tbh.

The burger is made from Irish beef, topped with soft boiled egg, green onions, lettuce, teriyaki sandwiched between two soft, slightly crisp noodles buns.

An interesting alternative.

Who else is dying to try this?

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