You Can Now Get Nutella Coffee In This Dublin Café And We Need It

Mocha 2.0

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Do you ever spot something and think, "how have I never thought of that?"

That's exactly how I felt when I heard that Nutella coffee exists.

Yep, Nutella coffee.

That's like two of my favourite things ever, yum.

Not only does is sound amazing, it looks sexy as hell. It's got that decadent, deep and dark chocolatey base with a creamy, frothy latte art top and chocolate and nuts covering the rim of the glass.


You'll find this beauty in The Woollen Mills on Liffey Street.

I can feel the Autumn breeze slowly creeping in and a drink like this is getting me in the mood.

Is anyone else super excited to start wearing polo necks again?

Just me?

Popping down to try this beauty is a must.

See you there.

Header image: @danka_dublin

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