Fancy Going To A Gig This Weekend? This Indie Rock Band Is Playing In Vicar Street

The tickets are a steal


If you're looking for something to do this weekend, but don't fancy venturing out in tomorrow's awful weather then maybe you should do something on Sunday.

Yes, Sunday. Many people don't consider Sunday as a good day to do things, usually because they're hanging from the two nights previous or maybe they just want to have a day of doing nothing before Monday morning comes around again.

Whatever the reason, Sundays can be the best day to do something. It's not as hectic as the rest of the week and everyone wants to relax as much as you do.

If you do decide that a Sunday adventure is for you, then you should check out The Decemberists gig in Vicar Street on Sunday night.

The Decemberists are an indie rock band from Portland who has brought us such as songs as 'the wanting comes in waves/repaid' and the absolute tune that is 'down by the water'.

These guys are known for their eclectic performances which usually include audience participation in the encores.

Tickets cost €36.50

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Jennifer Cosgrove