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26th Apr 2018

It’s Getting Warmer – Here’s Nine Cool Spots That Serve A Whopper Iced Coffee

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

That long stretch is in the evenings and you’ve stopped wearing that blanket-like scarf every day – Summer is coming. That sweet smell of pollen in the air that makes me sneeze and those rays of sun that make my make-up run can only mean one thing – ICED COFFEE SEASON.

I am beyond obsessed with iced coffee, it’s so much nicer to drink but you deffo need the warm weather before indulging. 

Here’s some deadly places to pick up some of that sweet, sweet nectar, that will keep you buzzing for the whole day long. 

1. Love Supreme

This gorge little café that serves up some of the best sausage rolls in town. Pair one of those with their iced coffee made from Koppi Fine Coffee Roasters and you’re on to a winner my friend. 


2. Blas Café

Roasted Brown is top-quality coffee and it’s even better chilled.

Blas Café, located in The Chocolate Factory is too cute for us to handle. You could spend all day here chilling on a couch taking in the quirky surroundings of this artsy venue. 

3. Granthams

That clink of ice cubes knocking together as you stir your glass with your straw is like music to my ears.

Granthams iced coffee is super refreshing and will put a pep in your step for sure. 

4. Kaph

Words cannot espresso how much I love the coffee from Kaph. 

Make your brew a chilly one for those warm days strolling through the city. 


5. Kiosk At Farmer Browns

This adorable little kiosk attached to Farmer Browns serves a mighty iced coffee.


6. Grove Road

Grove Road’s iced coffee’s are BREW-tiful, god I really need to stop with these puns.

This café has a lot of character to it and it’s a gorge place to sit and chill for the day. There’s also some deadly grub to much while you sip on the good stuff. 

7. Pot Bellied Pig

Their iced coffee is so good, they couldn’t even wait to take a photo before devouring it…

8. Two Pups

Just too n-ICE! (they keep getting worse)


9. The Fat Fox

We like these ones a latte. (Last one, I swear.)

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