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25th Jul 2018

The Love Island Finale Is Going To Be Screened In This Dublin Cinema

Megan Cassidy

We already know you don’t have plans on Monday night – aside from an appointment with the couch at 9pm sharp.

Yes, by this time next week there’ll be a Love Island-shaped hole in our lives, but we have news that may ease the pain just a little.

How would you like to watch the Love Island finale on a giant screen with dozens of other reality show fanatics, a giant popcorn and a Love Island themed cocktail?

Well that dream may become a reality, because the Omniplex in Rathmines is bringing the live final to the big screen on Monday July 30th to send the series out with a bang.

Yep, Omniplex Rathmines just announced they’re throwing a Love Island Finale Viewing party to wave goodbye to the biggest show of the summer.

There’ll be banging tunes at the pre-screening party, a competition and plenty of banter before guests head into the big screen with their popcorn to watch the final drama unfold.

Can you cope?!

Will Jack and Dani soar into top place or will the blossoming romance of Meg and Wes steal the spotlight at the last second?

The Love Island viewing party is priced at €11 which is based on free entry to the screening & pre-screening party reception(kicking off at 7:30pm), and the purchase of an ‘absolute melt’ cocktail and a medium popcorn. Tickets are limited and are on a first-come, first served basis only.

(NOTE: This is an over 18s event).


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