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31st Jul 2018

Meal For Two? Here’s Five Date Night Deals In Dublin Right Now

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Date night is my favourite time of the week.

Be it with your partner, your bestie, or your dog, going out for a meal for two can be pretty pricey.

There’s actually a load of spots in Dublin that offer meal deals for date night. Be it a discount, an add on or two for the price of one, all of these deals mean you’re getting better value for that dollah and that’s key.

Here’s some of the best deals on right now:

1. Fire

If you’re a sucker for a steak dinner, Fire is a super spot in the heart of the city.It’s fancy as hell so it will add something special to your date night but still won’t break the bank.

The restaurant offers a 3-course dinner for two at just €67 – that’s serious.

To book click here.

2. BuJo

If you’re looking for something a little more casual but still jam packed with flavour, BuJo is a savage place for a burger.

The burger joint offers a fab lunch option of two burgers, soda’s, chips and sips for €20.


3. Drop Dead Twice

If you bring a mate or a date who hasn’t been to to Drop Dead Twice before you can get 50% off a 2-hour BYO Cocktail sitting.

That’s right, their cost is covered – you only have to cover for yourself (or split that cost of course.)

This deal is valid every Friday through July and August and you can book online by clicking here. and using the code FRIENDFRIDAY when you book.



SOLE offers a stunning seafood tower loaded with all of the tastiest fish you can imagine.

Starting at €70, it’s ideal for a unique and memorable date night.

5. Camile Thai

If you’re looking for a cosy night in, watch a movie and order a takeaway – Camile Thai is ideal.

It’s super tasty, a step away from your usual spice bag and it has a great deal for date night.

The Thai takeaway offers two mains, any noodle or curry dish, with spring rolls for €24.95.

Header image: @camilethai @firerestaurantandlounge

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