Dublin Pub's Event Cancelled Under Controversial Circumstances

There was a huge "possibility of trouble" so it was called-off at the last minute.

Murrays Main

Hundreds of Celtic fans were left extremely disappointed after a pre-match event for them was cancelled because of fears they might clash with English fans.

Celtic played Shamrock Rovers in Tallaght over the weekend which clashed with England's Quater-Final match with Sweden.

Around 200 Celts from Ireland and Scotland had arranged to meet in Murray's Bar on O'Connell Street before the game but in a strange turn of events, it seems that the owners had double booked an event with England fans and cancelled the Celtic meet-up in case there was any trouble between the two sets of fans.

The band who were scheduled to play the event said on their Facebook that: "Folks unfortunately today’s gig in Murray’s O’Connell street has been cancelled.

"The venue felt the need to cancel because they have 1,000 England fans in for the game...

"Some waste of people’s time. This is fully the venues call.

"Feel sorry for the guys who put a lot of effort into holding a gig for Celtic fans.

"Very sad attitude by the owners of the pub towards ourselves."

The event had been planned for well over a month in advanced and Left Wing Badges who organised the meet-up said that:

"Folks I'm out of the country. My partner in crime who was looking after the gig just sent me this, and I've spoke to him.

"Band all set up and owners wife turns up and says she has 1000 England fans booked in and cancelled the gig, manager had no problem with it..sorry as his message says we will refund tickets."

Were you supposed to go this event? Let us know in the comments.

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